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Expert legal help with postnuptial and post civil partnership agreements

During the course of your marriage or civil partnership there may be a change in personal or financial circumstances that needs to be formally acknowledged in a written contract, in case you decide to separate in the future. This Agreement is treated like an insurance policy, there to deal with the consequences in the event separation. The cost of preparing a Postnuptial and Post Civil Partnership Agreement is always the fraction of the cost of a contested divorce or dissolution. It is much easier to decide together what will happen if the relationship ends at a time when you love and trust each other rather than when emotions and feelings may be running high.

How much will it cost?

We offer bespoke Agreements which are drafted to reflect your personal circumstances. It is our experience that fixed price packages for Agreements rarely result in good value for money for our clients. Instead, we offer your first meeting with one of our experienced family law solicitors at a fixed-fee which then allows us to provide you with an accurate idea of costs for further advice or legal work as required.

We offer a free 10 minute telephone call with one of our solicitors to discuss how we can help.

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Frequently asked questions to consider…

Yes they are. The Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985 directs the court to take into account any agreements between the parties when parties do not agree the financial division of their assets.

This is always recommended. Such Agreements will specify each party has either had the benefit or opportunity of obtaining separate legal advice. It is far better that both parties have legal advice when making such important decisions, but if one party chooses not to do so, his or her choice will simply be reflected in the Agreement.

We are never shocked how close the request for an Agreement is to a couple’s “Big day”! Yes we can work at short notice if required.

We do not routinely offer Legal Aid (other than in Guardianships) but if you are eligible you can find details of firms who can help at

Wise words from Beverley

“If you wish to protect your assets, there is no reason why in today’s society such an Agreement should be considered as anything other than future proofing your financial fallout in the event you separate. You may consider putting a clause in such an Agreement requiring you to review the clauses in the Agreement for example on the birth of a child or every three years”

Beverley Johnson

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Our commitment to provide you with the best possible advice includes a free initial phone call with one of our experts. This allows us to fully prepare for your first meeting which we always offer at a fixed fee rate.

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We are a team of experts working exclusively in Family Law.   We listen and provide you with the relevant support, knowledge and considered options to allow you to move forward. We are here when you need us and appreciate that may be outside normal office hours.  We work in partnership with you every step of the way.  That’s why:

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Our commitment to provide you with the best possible advice includes a free initial phone call with one of our experts. This allows us to fully prepare for your first meeting which we always offer at a fixed fee rate.

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A stitch in time – consider investing in an agreement to reflect what you both want to happen financially, should your relationship come to an end.

Sort it without court costs – these contracts regulate your separation. From your children to financial matters, these allow you to proceed to an undefended divorce.

Sometimes you need smart experienced lawyers to guide you through the complex legal system to help you deal with the end of your marriage, and to ensure a fair division of all matrimonial property.

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The law offers limited protection for cohabitees, governed by strict rules. We can make sure you receive a fair deal at the end of your relationship.

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At your most vulnerable, we will make sure you and your family is protected.