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Parental rights and responsibilities allow parents to make decisions about their child’s life. This includes the child’s name, the child’s religion, where the child lives and which school the child will go to. Parental rights remain in force until the child is 16. However the responsibility on a parent to provide guidance to a child exists until the child reaches 18.

Who has parental rights and responsibilities?

A child’s mother automatically has full parental rights and responsibilities when the child is born.

A child’s father gains parental rights and responsibilities if he is married to the child’s mother at the time the child is born or if he is registered as the child’s father on the child’s birth certificate, providing the child was born after 4th June 2006.

If a father does not automatically have parental rights and responsibilities the parties can confer these upon him by signing an agreement. Alternatively parental rights and responsibilities can be awarded to him by a court.

A guardian who has been legally appointed by a parent has full parental rights and responsibilities on that parent’s death.

Anyone can apply for a court order to seek rights and responsibilities relating to a child if they can claim an interest in the welfare of the child. This can include grandparents, siblings, step-parents or, perhaps more unusually, a close friend of a parent.

Parental rights and responsibilities can be removed by a court if the welfare of a child is not served by either or both parents.

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Frequently asked questions to consider…

No.  If you both have parental rights and responsibilities then your rights are equal.

This is possible but will only be granted if the court can be satisfied that doing so would be in a child’s best interests, for example, if that parent has been abusive to the child.  It is unusual for such an order to be made

We do not routinely offer Legal Aid (other than in Guardianships) but if you are eligible for Legal Aid you can find details of firms offering legal aid at

Wise words from Beverley

“Whatever you agree about how best your children are cared for, it’s worth noting that it may not still be best for them a few years later. Always be open to the idea that relationships, opportunities and circumstances can change and that what was decided, even by a court, at a certain moment in time may not necessarily be in the child’s best interests until they are sixteen years of age.”

Beverley Johnson

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Our commitment to provide you with the best possible advice includes a free initial phone call with one of our experts. This allows us to fully prepare for your first meeting which we always offer at a fixed fee rate.

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